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I got my rat a month ago so she is a baby. I got home this afternoon and she was laying the her tail was twitching and so were her front legs I picked her up (crying) thinking she was dead. Then I realized she was breathing really slow I put her in her cage and put a heater next to it. She started to walk around with a limp and when I went to pick her up she squealed at me and did the same thing as when I found her. she's eating but laying down and drinking but she isn't moving away from her food and water. Btw she has pine bedding I'm not sure if that will effect this.

Dear Brianna,

She needs to go to the vet. She sounds like she is miserable and in pain. She may need to be put to sleep. Please deal with this immediately.

Pine contains phenols, which damage the respiratory system and the liver. But the damage is over time, not related to this issue.

Please help her.

Very worried,


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