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Slacs wrote at 2013-02-11 02:41:23
Thank you for your quick response(you are right btw, he has pneumonia), after nebulizing him he only seemed to get worse, so I did give him .2 cc of lasix, which according to your article should have provided him with relief at the most after two hours,and it's been three, but he is still trying to sleep upright so he can breathe. I have never ever seen a rat like this for more then a couple of minutes before dying, he has been this way for two weeks.

His face has gone greasy looking, like porphyrin is collecting around his eyes but it's totally clear and oily.

Oh, also, his feet seem puffy with fluid as well.

I think my first vet gave me Prednisone as an emergency if his breathing got really bad but even that didn't work (he hadn't even gone into pneumonia stage by then). I moved onto the second vet after meeting a vet tech student and recommended me a vet, I didn't get the vet I was recommended though, since she was off that day.

I have been replacing his meals with Green Mush because he won't eat on his own, and his willingness to eat it from the syringe goes up and down, I am wondering how much would be considered sufficient for the day, because I was considering one milimeter at meal time a victory (two millimeters a day is the very lowest, 8 millimeters a day is the highest)

slacs wrote at 2013-02-11 16:01:26
Found a reason why he might not have been getting better. By pure chance I saw that his bottom incisors had gotten too long and were probably blocking his nasal passages. I had checked his teeth earlier, to make sure everything is fine, but of course rat teeth grow so quickly.

Before this my lesson was check the teeth first, my lesson after this is Never. Stop. Checking. The teeth. He seems to be breathing better already but he has been through so much, I hope it's not too late.

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