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Pet Rats/Fallow-up on Jenkin's eye infection


Hello, my name is Melissa and we talked previously about my 1 and a half year old rat, Jenkins who ripped his eye out.
He is doing great now! Even though I am pretty sure that he is completely blind, because his other eye (if you can remember from the previous pictures) is white and cloudy.

He seems happy enough, although he is still in a seperate cage from his cage mate for safety reasons (although the cages are right next to each other). He finished his amoxicillin after about 11 days, and no infection has came back (I still smell it to double check).
I just have a few fallow-up questions:

Will his eye lids eventually come together to cover the area where his eye originally was? or will that only happen with stitches or young rats? It already seems to be closing, as it is really squinty.

Do you think that I should out him back in the cage with Roscoe yet?

Are there any things to keep in mind for keeping him and his eye socket healty? Such as baths, saline soaking, or rat vitamins?

And are there any major concers about his white eye? It isn't exactly buldging or anything.. But it is a little buggy.

Thank you so much for your time again, I will post a picture later so you can see how his eye is doing!

Hi Melissa,
I'm glad to hear that Jenkins is doing great! I think you can put him back in with Roscoe. Do it slowly and carefully to prevent any fighting for dominance. I think the only way the eyelids would come together completely is if the edges were cut and sewn together. But they may stay mostly closed on their own. I think it is best if they stay open a little to let the air in to prevent infection. I don't think you need to do anything to keep the socket healthy, but of course do watch it and smell it at least every week so you can detect any developing infection.  

I don't think you need to be too worried about his other eye, unless it starts to look dried out. Yes, he is probably blind, but it's amazing how well a blind rat can get around!

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