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Pet Rats/7 Mth old rat acting very strange....please help


My rat Swiss is about & months old we always believed he could be the runt due to his small size and he has always been a "lil different" from his three brothers. He is very needy prefers people to rat interaction, loves kisses and will pee multiple rivers onto your arms. Suddenly tonight after i fed Swiss and his cagemate I went to take him out and he started walking like he was stretching but would then twist and rub his stomach onto the pillow. He was pooping when he started this so i thought maybe he could be constipated because he has never shown any problems like this before. Its been almost 2 hours and he is now laying sprawled out with his arms and legs spread. I am very concerned for my little guy he his mommas baby and this has just happened so suddenly Im frantic. Especially since I just lost my job and heve no steady income right now so I really don't know what to do. I have held him and felt him all over and he is not showing any signs of pain except for i think the stomach discomfort due to the rubbing and laying on it... Please help me....I cant bear to think about losing my Baby Swiss

I have a few questions for you in order to help me to diagnose the problem:  In the last few hours that you say Swiss has been sprawled out in an odd way, has he been taking food and water from you?  Is he listless or lethargic?  Are his eyes watery?  Does he have red discharge from his nose/eyes?  Have you noticed if he has been pooping lately?  Since he's in the same cage as his brothers, you may not know.  Can you perhaps separate him from them for about a day and see if he is pooping?  Certainly, he may be constipated (has he been getting ample amounts of water and fruits daily?) but my bigger concern is the possibility of megacolon, especially since you mentioned he might be the runt. In the case he might be constipated, try offering some baby food prunes or prune juice.

Can you reply with a follow-up question to this response and answer these questions.  Also, can you possibly include a photo of could be an older photo, not one of him now.

I hope to hear back from you soon.

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