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Ok so I'm finally getting rats again for Ruby! I kinda made my own way to introduce, and I was wondering what the chance was that it was going to work. Ok so here it is:
First I let the babies settle in for a day or two
Then I put them in the bath tub with my barrier so Euby and the babies can smell each other.
Then after 30 minutes of no aggression signs I open the barrier, and let them smell each other. But before I do that I'm going to spread tuna fish juice on them, and have some tuna around the bath tub. That way they get distracted, and smell the same.
Will it work? I have an extra cage to use if I have to take steps back. Also, can I get three babies, or should I just stick with two? I was wondering that just in case there is only three left, I don't want to leave the third alone. Maybe not to get adopted. These would probably be babies, but they could also be a few months old, depending on what I get.

Hi Emma,
Yes your method should work quite well. 30 minutes with the barrier seems like a very long time though. After the bathtub, the next step is to let them interact in an area where Ruby is used to playing. Do that for at least 30 minutes before putting them in Ruby's cage.  You can get 3 babies...what fun!  BTW, how old is Ruby?

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