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I have a 2 year old dumbo male rat named Drek. He has a history of epilepsy that I've linked back to sugar and seem to have gotten under control. Over the past couple of days he's gotten rather lethargic. Before he was as active and destructive as a toddler and now he just stays curled up asleep. Last night when I took him out of his cage he was foaming at the mouth and seemed to have trouble swallowing. I rushed him to an emergency vet where he was given the all clear. They think he choked on some food. His energy is still down though and the vet can give me no answers. Is he just finally showing his age or is there a bigger issue?

The drop in his activeness happened too quickly to be his age.  A normally aging rat would show decreased activity gradually over time.  It is possible that Drek is suffering from a secondary bacterial infection which is causing the lethargy.  I recommend that he be treated with Amoxicillin in the event it is such an infection.  You can get a prescription from your vet.  The basic dose is 10 mg/poung given  twice a day.

I with you the very best in getting Drek back to good health.  Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

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