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I am looking for some advice for my 6 month old dumbo eared rat Pip.  Last week, we heard her squeaking on the couch and quickly scooped her up and check her over for injuries. She began limping but had no sign of swelling or open wounds on her leg or feet. Since then, she has remained secluded in a single-level cage to rest and heal. Unfortunately, she has not regained any movement in that foot and doesn't seem to even realize its there sometimes. She'll walk and the foot will internally rotate and stays flaccid.  We're taking her to the vet on Monday, however we would like to know if you have any experience with this sort of injury. Any advice?

Thanks for your time,

Hi Julie,

I am glad you are going to the vet, even though it is pretty late-- if this is/were something easily treatable, the window in which it would be treatable seems would be over.

However-and don't forget I am not a vet (nor can I see the rat)- my guess is that this is nerve damage. It seems that the nerves to the foot have been damaged, and the rat has neither control over the foot, nor can she feel it. You can test this by gently pinching her foot. Nerve damage might be fixable on a human to a certain extent with extremely complicated surgery which has probably been partly treated on rats - but your vet would not be able to repair it.

Still your vet might have some good ideas about what to do from this point on. And also I could be completely wrong.

In any case, if it is nerve damage, it should be no longer painful to her.

Best of luck and health to her. Let me know what the vet says.  



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