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QUESTION: Hey, my name is Kristina and I live in NC. I am wanting your opinion on a situation I find my precious Blanka and myself in. She is a all white w/the pink eyes that I rescued from a local pet shop. OK I have had her now for over a year and I wanted to breed her. What I want to know is how much longer or how close do you think she is to delivery? She is now very pear shaped and has been nest building. She is now almost constantly staying in the nest. For the last 3 days she has been doing this and also I can see a clearish mucusy like stuff at her privates kinda like a discharge or drainage that I have also noticed began about 2 nights ago. She is constantly grooming herself and licking but hasn't started leaking any blood or contracting any yet I don't think. In your opinion do you think this is normal and do you think she is close to delivery? Thanks so much.
A forever rat lover,

ANSWER: Hi Kristina,
On what date did you breed her? The normal gestation period is 21-23 days.

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QUESTION: Hey again, I don't exactly know when she got pregnant.  Her and my rat Montey have been together since I got him,which was about 3 months ago.  He was about 8 weekps when I got him and Blanka welcomed him and treated him great.  They would groom each other and sleep together but recently she started avoiding him and snapping at him and would squeak when he touched her so I just took him out 4 days ago.  That's also when I noticed the mucus on her private.  I had been noticing her weight gain too and now she just looks huge.  There hasn't Ben any actual blood yet just the mucus.  What do you think?  Thanks so much again.

ANSWER: Sounds like she is close to delivering, but there is no way to tell for sure.

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QUESTION: About how long normally do rats have the mucusy stuff before they deliver go on?  Is that part even normal?  Also sometimes she will like grind her teeth an she's never done that before.  She is usually active but now she just lays on her nest and grooms herself.  Everything worrys me so I know I over react but I just like to know what's normal and what to look out for.  Thanks.

I'm not really sure how much mucus will normally discharge before a delivery. Even nonpregnant rats have a normal mucus discharge though. As long as she is still eating and drinking, I don't think you need to worry. If she seems lethargic and miserable, then something is wrong. I think you just need to be patient.

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