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I asked a question, but before you had the chance to reply my situation has changed. Unfortunately, my rat Lemi passed away a few days ago at the ripe age of three. Her other cage mates, two sisters called Caoimhe and Anwen, have been very upset about the whole situation. Caoimhe had an ear infection a few weeks ago, and although the dizziness cleared up with antibiotics, she had a severe head tilt, this has got worse since Lemi died, and she has started to get disorientated, she has just had a steroid injection today and has been put on more antibiotics, will this help much or should I expect it to remain the same?
Also, the other day I noticed Anwens eye bulging out more than usual, last night it was still out and looked like there might have been a bit of an infection, I cleaned it as best as she would let me, but she is a very nervous rat and it was hard to get much of the gunk away, today it was terrible. There was a horrible smell from it and overnight it had a glazed look form on it. I brought her to the vet who said surgery to remove the eye was the only option, which she is having tomorrow. Is there any precautions I will need to take after the surgery? I mean, how will her eye sight affect her balance or is there anything else I should do to ease here into the transition of having only one eye? I keep forgetting that they are both 2 years old, and are turning into wee old biddies, but the last thing I want is to lose one of them and not be able to get a companion for the other for ages while they have an infection.
Thanks for all your help

I'm so sorry about the loss of your Lemi...that was very long and full life for a rat. It is common for the remaining rats of a group to mourn the loss of their "sister".  They will eventually adjust and thank goodness they have each other!  Think of how awful it would be if you only have 2 rats and one suddently passed?

It is possible that the antibiotics and injection may help Caoimhe's head tilt, but it is common for head tilt to be permanent after an ear infrcion.  Don't worry too much if the tilt will not cause her any pain and she will ajust to it.  Rats are very resiliant animals.

Do not be concerned about the loss of one of Anwen's eye. Remember tht rats are nearly blind as it is and rely much more on their other senses and their whiskers to tell them about their world.  You will be surprised at how resilient she is after the surgery.

I hope I've been helpful.  Good luck with your babies and please don't hesitate to write me again if you need more help.

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