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Hi, I have a male rat that Iíve owned for roughly 3 years and heís started acting odd. Heís always been rather snobby and never enjoyed being cuddled like a spoilt cat and extremely clean and alert.
In a matter of days heís completely change and his fur is fuzzy and bristled, heís tired all the time and when I pick him up he doesnít do anything at all which is strange because he doesnít like being held too long. What bothers me most is the amount of bleeding he does and his testicles suddenly donít seem plump anymore. His nose is wet and his legs and arms are suddenly covered in little bits of blood and sometimes little bits near his testicles. Iíve had rats in the past but never in this condition and I donít know what it could be. Iím not sure where exactly the blood is coming from and itís all over the bedding and sometimes gets on the walls. I know rats often get red stuff from their noses and eyes but my male is losing more blood than normal and itís everywhere.
He lives on his own since he doesnít get along well with other male rats. I would really appreciate any knowledge you may have on this. Iíve never seen this issue in a rat before and Iíve owned hundreds of them.

Dear Shauna,

Your rat is very, very sick. Rats don't show any signs of illness or pain until it is quite serious, and his fur and behavior mean he is really unwell.

Please bring him to the vet right away,

Best of luck and health to him.



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