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Pet Rats/my pet rat is ill as well as has a mass on his neck


Hello,I have a pet rat named Austin,male hooded rat of about 1 and a half years old.He suddenly developed a medium sized tumor,mass,or abcess on his lower neck area.It is closed with no wounds but hard and highly moble to the touch,in other words not attatched to much if anything inside,seemingly causes no pain,but is in his way sometimes of front leg mobility. I do not know about male rats and masses or lumps,this is right on his neck higher up,not on his chest or stomach.He also has a lung infection that doesnt appear treatable,he sneezes up the red liquid,Etc.I fear no vet will see him for surgery due to this. However he acts otherwise still very active,healthy,and happy so might be worth a risk to extend his life if possible. I am also very very limited on funds right now,and vets might cost a ton around here,will any help me at a low rate if they see the circumstances? I live in twin cities MN area.Saint Paul. of any type would be greatly appreciated. I love my little guy and want to help him but I dont know how.Thank you.I am sorry no picture right now as my camera isnt working.size of lump,2 inch or less round hard bump,grew in a week to this size from a tiny bump,fast like Ive never seen,no sores no abcess liquid as of now,no noticeable pain to the rat.


Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, I can't say for certain what this might be although it does sound like a tumor. I would highly highly highly recommend getting your rat into a vet. Between the mass on its body and the fact that he is sneezing up porphrin (that reddish liquid), it does sound like your rat is in need of medical attention.

You can find an extensive listing of rat vets on my website,
Here is the link for the Minnesota vets (I am providing the entire listing for that state as I am not familiar with where cities are located and want to be sure you have options):

Tumors, whether cancerous or benign are quick growing and I hope you will seek medical assistance for your rat before it gets too uncomfortable for him.

I hope that helps!  

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