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I have a baby rat. My son was opening the cage,where we had it held down with 2 tall cans of baked beans. 1 can fell in the cage and rolled over the baby. Now its nose isbleeding alittle,and he is wheezing when he breathes.  Is my rat goin to be ok?

Dear Clyde,

If you take the rat to the vet NOW as an emergency, yes, most likely. But the vet needs to examine what happened and figure out how to treat it. It certainly seems that the nose is injured, maybe broken. And there may be other injuries that you see no signs of yet.

It is really important that you go now. But you have to have an exotics vet or a pocket pets vet. You can call your local animals hospital and find out where you can find one.

If you do not go to the vet, one danger is that there is internal bleeding in the nose, which will slowly, painfully, and terrifyingly suffocate the baby. We also do not know what other internal damage has been done. He must be examined by a vet.

You should also give him a few drops of children's liquid ibuprofen to reduce swelling and pain.

Please get him care ASAP. There is nothing you can do at home. And it may not look like it, because rats don't show pain, but he is probably in serious pain.

Poor, poor little baby.



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