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QUESTION: Hi again. My mum and dad took holly to vets today. They didnt give her oxygen this time they gave her a shot of amoxicillin but we had to give permission as its not a legalised drug here for rats and another shot that will give her energy to boost her system. He also said her breathing still sounds ok but theres probably a little scarring. But the drugs should take effect withing 24-48 hours other than that they are happy with her so im hoping she picks up soon and fights it as shes lively enough considering. Just not eating well at the moment but the energy shot should give her an appetite again. Hopefully

ANSWER: Did they send home oral amoxicillin to give her?  I hope so.

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QUESTION: Her breathing seems at ease a little today. No they never have any home as she spits it out. The amoxicillon will last 3-4 days. I have vets on tuesday for my dog so if this is helping I will get another injection

ANSWER: If you put only 0.1 ml of a medicine at a time in the back of their mouth they can't spit it out.

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QUESTION: She wipes her mouth until its out. She had another amoxicillin injection today and a steriod injection to see if that works but vet said it seems a tiny bit better. She also has mucous coming out ger mouth and nose. I dont think its porphorin as her nose its a greeny brown colour and from her mouth its browny colour too. Is that whatever she has breaking up?

It could be mucus drainage from her nasal cavity. If the amoxi is the right treatment, you should see significant improvement within 2-3 days of starting treament. I don't remember what all you have treated her with. Seriously, if you only put 0.1 ml of a liquid in the mouth of an average size rat, they cannot spit it out, it just coats the inside of their mouth.

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