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I have two questions but first a little bit of background I have two rats spirit and aura for a while who are two female rats. I went to the local pet store and was told about a pregnant feeder rat that they had. I didn't want her to be snake food so I took her home put her in her own place/cage and the next morning she had her babies (surprise to me I didn't realize how close to popping she was. Babies are about 4 1/2 days old right now they were born Sunday morning at 7:30am my time.
First question is time markers on the babies what time should I expect what when should they be seperated etc.

2nd question is mama (serenity) has no problems with me going near her babies and is fine when I take her out of the cage on something (not directly picking her up) she still acts pretty nervous when I handle her but for the first time today actually relaxed enough to start falling asleep while I was petting her and she was bricking for the first time I've ever heard. But problem is anytime I actually try and take her out with my hand she has bitten me. Pretty badly. At first I thought it was cause she didn't want to be handled with her babies but after I hold her for a while she will jump and hold onto the edge trying to climb up and get to me. I swear its almost like Jekyll and Hyde with her. I'm not sure on her age but I know she's only about half to a third size of my other two and they're eight months.

I would very much so appreciate the help I saw your videos on YouTube and saw this link! Thank you so much for your time!


Dear Audrey,

I am going to give you some really great links to walk you through this.

First, remembering that mother rats have been going through the same crazy hormone changes that people do, you can expect erratic behavior:

Next, these links walk you through the entire process the babies go through:

If there is anything these articles don't address, let me know and I will do my best to find answers. You  should know that the other rat people on here know a lot more than I do :)

You can also join my Facebook group Rats Are Awesome. It is for rats and mice. There are a number of very experienced people who I can tag when I or someone else can't help. It is also for photos, chat, etc.

Squeaks n giggles,


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