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Sick baby:(
Sick baby:(  
Me and my boyfriend have five rats, the oldest being a little over a year. One of our dumbos, Lucy, is usually really hyped up, hates being held and would much rather wonder around getting into all sorts of trouble. Today we noticed she was laying around a lot more than normal. When we took her out of the cage we realized that se sees to be having difficulties breathing, she's whimpering some, her tail went from a light shade to almost an orangish brown color, and she had a nose bleed, and at one ppint se lost her balance and started to fall out of my lap. She has been laying with my boyfriend most of the day resting, which is really strange. she wont eat or drink either, were havig to hand fee her and use a syringe to give her water. We have no clue what's wrong and can't take her to the vet until Friday after we get paid. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your question.

The tail turning an orange-ish brown sounds as if she is not grooming regularly, which is common with ill rats. I would make all attempts to get her veterinary care. Perhaps if you speak with your vet, they might be willing to take a portion upfront or have some sort of payment plan they can work out with you. Lucy does sound very sick- my guess would be that she suffered some sort of stroke, but the fact that she is not eating or drinking raises alarm.

Sorry I could not be more help.  

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