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Hello, I have two rats just under two years old. About four days ago, I noticed one of them looks like he has an eye infection. It is red all around his eye and all watery. He is also squinting it a lot. It is just the one eye. Is this an eye infection?
Also, today I noticed my other rat have some red around his eye. Could he have caught it from my other rat?
I have called my vet, but there was no answer. Should I take him in to the vet, or just call? Is there a treatment I can pick up, or any home remedies?
thanks, Sydney


Thank you for your question. Sorry for the delay in a response.

It sounds like your rats have porphyrin around their eyes. This is reddish, watery discharge that comes from the eyes and nose. Basically, their tears and "snot" is this color. It is usually completely normal to have some of this discharge from time to time, however, excessive amounts or long term displaying of porphyrin could indicate a problem. The most common causes for porphyrin are illness or irritated sinus/eyes (due to fragrances, dust, etc). Many people will see this most often when they change the litter.

If you notice any other symptoms that could indicate illness, I would consult a vet. This could include any changes in their behavior or breathing.

If all else appears normal, your squinting rat could have gotten something in its eye. Most of the time rats are able to resolve this issue by themselves but you might want to check to see if you see any debris in the eye before gently wiping it with the corner of a warm, damp cloth.

Hope this helped!!!  

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