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hi Natasha,
    my female rat had given birth two babies 3 days ago.....up to 1-1.5 days she was nursing them well.but after that she became aggressive,she even tries to bite me,when i get close to her.and I'm observing that she is not taking that much of care of her babies,as she used to before.even more she became lethargic.three days old babies also not showing the milk belt in their stomach(but they are alive).what can i do now???????

Dear Debajyoti,

Do you want to save the babies? It is a lot of work.

These links will tell you more than I ever could:

You also need pedialyte. These kits are severely dehydrated. The first dose you will give them will be 90% pedialyte and only 10% formula. Then you will go down to 80%, 70%,60%, and stay at 50% until you are absolutely sure they are no longer dehydrated.

As for keeping them warm, it would be best if they can stay with their mom. To take them out, you will need to take mom out first. You may need a glove. Put her in a safe area while you feed the babies.

Now let's deal with mom. She is very sick and may also be in pain, considering the biting. She definitely needs to go to the vet. Use a big box or carrier filled with lots of fleece as well as as much of her nest as possible. Add some grapes, an orange slice, or cucumber for liquid. If she seriously is hard to pick up, take your glove.

As she gets better, she may start caring for the babies again.

Best of luck and health to her and the kits, and best of luck to you.



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