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Hello, My rat Optimus is displaying very odd behavior. Recently he isn't walking very good. He seemed very wobbely and unsure of what he is doing. When I open the cage he doesn't seem to notice. I can reach in and pick him up but he doesn't really respond. He gets a little scared like he doesn't know what is going on.  When i try to hand him food he wont take it. I moved all the food and water to the lower level he seems very  uninterested. He is about three years old and i have never seen him act like this. His brother who shares the cage with him is not showing any of these same behaviors. He's also very scared when i put him on another level like he doesn't know how to get down even though the ramp is right in front of him. Any ideas?


Thank you for your question.

A three year old is quite an old rat indeed. I would not rule out the possibility that your rat might very well have lost his vision, although rats do not see very well to begin with and tend to use their other senses to navigate in their surroundings. It could be that age might finally be catching up with him or he might have suffered a stroke. I would just keep him on the bottom level or the cage or move him to another cage without multiple levels to avoid any accidental falls if he is unsteady on his feet and just let him live out his remaining time as comfortable as possible. If you see that the quality of his life is diminishing (i.e not eating, drinking, etc), you might want to begin thinking about the possibly of letting him go, humanely and with love.

I hope that helps, I know its not a very informative answer.  

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