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Pet Rats/Rat has cage rage (territorial issues)


I just became a new ratt lover my oldest son has snakes (I know) but they have to eat too. One of the lil ratties a male was not eaten and I fell in love. He had a pretty rough start and was mishandled (he was not a feeder rat my son got him from a breeder).He was very loving at first but I knew he needed company so I got a pair of brothers to keep him company, he did not want company he chased both out and I had to separate him he seems content on his own but he has serious territory issues when cleaning his cage. If you put your had in to clean he charges,postures and snuffs. If you put gloves on he goes crazy and will seriously maul my hand. I can stick my hand through the bars and rub him all over and he bruxes and is so sweet but as soon as the cage door opens he turns into a monster. After the cage is cleaned he stomps around mad for awhile till he settles he doesn't like his things touched but I have to clean. Please help I love him so much and I have built up a lot of trust w him but I fear he will never get past his hard beginnings.

Hi Brandy,

Sorry for the delay.. Anyway I almost answered as though you had a mouse, and then realized you have rats:) but that makes it easy because in my Facebook group Rats are Awesome we keep collections of links for common issues. Here is the best we have found; I am sure you will find what you need-- if not here then by following links on these excellent rat sites:

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Good luck!



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