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hi,i have a little female approx 18mnths old she had the myco virus and i treated her with baytril injections and doxycycline paste which seemed to help her get better and she was back to her old self very quickly, but just tonight i noticed she is stretching her back legs and she seems to be having trouble walking properly on them its not constant but every now and then its happening and im very worried about her,im wondering if i have done something wrong,perhaps with giving her injections and causing damage,please help!kind regards,leigh.

Hi Leigh,
Baytril should not be injected because it is so caustic it can damage the tissues and cause bad skin ulcers. In an emergency, one injection can be given, but after that Baytril should be given orally. Where did your girl get her injections?

Stretching the hind legs can be a symptom of abdominal pain. Was she also sucking in her sides? Is she pooping and peeing normally? Can you try to gently feel her abdomen to see if you can feel any lumps?

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