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I have a female rat about 3 years old who came down with a respiratory infection about a month ago. I have had rats for about 5 years now and needless to say they are my life. I have seen many illnesses come and go and I have had a few rats come and go, God rest their little souls. Back to my question, when my girl got sick I started some tetracycline. I saw improvement, but then she seemed like she started going back down hill again. So I started back with the tetracycline with some amoxicillin for any secondary infection. Within the last week, she has gotten much worse, lost some weight, and when she "tries"to eat, and when I give her meds, she is doing something I've never seen before. She will take food and spit it out and rub her chin on anything and everything in site. She does this when I give her medicine also. She is not doing it in a way like its scent marking, but like there is something wrong and she can't eat or take meds properly. Again, I've never seen this before. I would have already had her to a vet but my other female just had surgery and the costs was double what the "high" end was supposed to be. Please help me, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have done so much research, but nothing giving me an idea as to what going on with the chin rubbing.

Thanks in advance,

Dear Carmen,

First, I need to remind you that I have no medical training (and haven't seen the rat), so I cannot even begin to promise  to give you an accurate diagnosis.

I believe something is bothering her in her mouth. Check her teeth first. If they are normal then she has to go to the vet because she may have an infection or tumor in her mouth/throat area.

She absolutely has to go to the vet. This is not going to get better on its own. She is probably in pain. Rats do not show pain. Please bring her to a vet. Some vets may offer a payment plan or bill you, if that helps.

Best of luck to her.



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