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Hi, i recently lost a rat to respetory problems. his brother is now left alone. i want to get him a new friend as soon as possible but im not sure of the best way to go about it. first i don't know weather to get baby rat or rats the same age? i'm also not sure weather to get more than one new rat? I've found two 10 month old rats needing a new home but i was wondering as they are bonded/brothers would they befriend my rat or stick in their pairing? also do some male rats never get along or is it possible to stick at it if they don't initially like eachother? thanks hope thats not to many questions! Rachel
p.s i watch your youtube videos, your rats are lovely :)

With males, I recommend getting a rat that is just a bit younger than your current rat. If they are too old, your current rat could hurt him unintentionally while showing him dominance....if he is the same age or older, the newer rat could pose more of a threat. With proper introductions, most rats will go on to live harmoniously with other males. Always plan for the worse- have adequate housing available in the event that they do not get along even with proper introductions. I hope that helps! :D

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I have over 13 years of experience with pet rats, having worked in several pet stores, as a veterinary tech assistant, and with my own pet rats. I run a highly regarded blog on the subject of pet rat ownership ( with a corresponding YouTube channel and Facebook page. I have been and always will be open to questions and comments.

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