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Hi Shawna,

I am not sure if you can answer or have any insight to my questions, but I am trying to figure out what to do...I have two 7 month old Himalayan bothers, Fuzzy and Sunny.  During the morning feeding and cleaning, Fuzzy attacked me, my hand was hurt badly (I will heal).  Later that day he attacked his brother Sunny, Sunny was rushed to the vet, he has a one inch rip on his back and one under his left leg (the vet was able to glue the wounds).  He is on pain killers and antibiotics (he is eating and walking around, doing quite well).

Since this has happened, Fuzzy, seems to be scared of me (as I am a bit scared of him at the moment).  I know he attacked us, but this is out of character for him.  I did not yell at him, or discipline him about what has happened.  I am going to take him to the vet to have him check out also, but right now he keeps hiding.  He does not seem to be hurt in any way, but his behavior has changes so much.  

I just want to know if you have experience or have heard of this happening?  

My vet is wonderful, they have been calling me for updates.

Hope to hear from you, thanks in advance,


Thanks for writing!

Rats, like people, have bad days. I am assuming that your Fuzzy is not neutered. Hormones often make male rats fight, even with other males they have been with since birth. As far as why he might have attacked your hand, I often find that rats that have never bitten in the past and have only had one episode, seem to have bitten their owners in error. It might have been you had something on your hand, such as the scent of food, that enticed them to bite. Its usually only coincidence.

Rats will often bite if they are stressed or injured. Keep an eye on Fuzzy for any indication that he could be in any kind of discomfort.

Hope that helps!  

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