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So, my boy is just 3 months old now, and he has a...complexing coat pattern. He's a black and white veriberk, but the integruing part is his back. Instead of being all black there are white hairs everywhere, almost like the silvered variety. I wanna say he's a silvered black, but I don't think this is possible. Is there an actual term for this coat?

Hi Nicole,

Yes I would say that he is a Silvered Black

I have also heard of a Silver Agouti before. He also could just be referred to as an AOC(any other color). According to the American Fancy Rat and Mice Association this is the entire body is of the same color, but the coat consists of individual hairs banded with two or more colors and evenly interspersed with colored guard hairs. In this Section the colors are: Agouti, Amber, Blue Agouti, Chinchilla, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Pearl, Fawn, Lynx, Pearl, Russian Blue Agouti.

Again, on the AFRMA they describe the silveration in coat patterns. Read up and you can best judge what coat pattern fits him. Or send me a photo and i can give you my best guess.

Hope this helps!


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