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I have two female rats both just under a year old. My girlfriend and I have just moved house (previous home the rats got to know very well). Since being in the new place the more adventurous of the two has been acting very strange. I've been getting both of them out on the bed in the spare room so they can get used to the place. The more timid of the two has been off having a nose around but the other one has after about ten minutes of being out been snuggling up to me and just sitting there for the rest of the time she is out. She seems fine in the cage and I e had rats for years so generally know what to look for when their ill. She appears to be eating fine etc, so all good apart from this. She seems quite depressed when she's out and even when her cage mate comes by she still won't leave my side.

On another note we've been looking after our friends cats since the day of the move but they're not allowed upstairs so I don't think it would be that freaking her out. I've had rats whilst having a pet cat before and it's not bothered them. What do you think is up? Should I take her to the vets?


Thanks for your question.

Based on the information you gave me, about moving into a new home, I would think that the reason your rat is acting strangely is that perhaps the new scents and sounds of your new home give her reason to feel a bit more cautious and unsure of herself. I would say that she probably isn't depressed, but is feeling a bit unsure of her surroundings. The scent of the cats is probably making matters worse. I would hold off taking her to the vet until after the cats are gone and after you have been in the home a bit longer, unless of course her health appears to decline at all.

Hope that helps!

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