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I brought two one month old bucks home 3 days ago, the first night as I was putting them in their new home/cage I foolishly put one on the ground to show him into the cage. He scurried off and I found him ten minutes later hiding in a bag about 3 feet away from the cage. I put him back and left them alone for over 12 hours. They have been pretty friendly towards me but the one that escaped is more timid, he seems to be the sub-dominate of the two and he is smaller, his brother will bring him food and is more calm. I know it will take a while for them to adjust but do you have any tips for getting them comfortable around me? I have been handling them for at least an hour a day. The timid one is a squeaker when his brother dominates him and when I went to give them treats last he was in the corner hiding with his brother squeaking. What was that all about? I just don't want to scare them. These are obviously my first rats, I have been reading a lot about them online for the past couple of months in order to prepare myself but I have not been able to find more detailed instructions and explanations. Please help me out with any advice.
Thank You,

Ally Levine

Hey Ally,

This is pretty typical for new rats, especially young ones.
It will take a few days or weeks to get them both used to you. I would start with just offering them food. Open the cage and hand them a treat. Talk softly and sweetly to them. In time they will come to you when they hear your voice. once they are greeting you at teh opening of the cage give them the chance to crawl out. make sure you dont loose them! Sit in a room like the bathroom where they really cant go any where. let them sort of walk around you and on you. feed them treats if they will take them. if they crawl on you, feel free to pet them. once you can comfortably pet them with out them being scared let one crawl on your hand and pick them up.

This may take several tries. just be patient!


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