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Eye bumb
Eye bumb  
Hello! Recently I've noticed a small little bumb or something above my oldest rat's eye. She's only about 6-7 months old and the other one that I have in the cage with her is totally fine. Her behavior is normal, but I just bought another baby to join them. I want to make sure that this bumb isn't anything serious or contagious and if I can treat it myself without needing to go to the vet. If it does get worse, I will eventually go but for right now I want to try and find other alternatives before driving out of town to find a local vet or pet store.

hi Megan, Sorry for the late response, i saw your question last night i needed to think about this one!

Rats can get tumors, however i doubt that this is a tumor because of the location.
An abscess is possible! her eye could have gotten scratched and gotten infected.If it grows any larger of seems painful then I would take her to the vet!

Hope this helps a little!


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