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gregorio, dexter and malfoy
gregorio, dexter and m  
my 4 month old rat gave birth to 11 babies on 12/11/13 and passed away right after week 3 of nursing them,they're now a month old and are all healthy and eating solids and drinking water
I gave away 9 of the babies but I'm thinking of keeping 2 of them, both males, but I already have a male rat, born 08/24/13, I was wondering if he can get along with the babies if I keep them in the same cage, they're together now, gregorio, the older one is actually grooming the babies, they appeared to be wrestling earlier, but no blood was spilled, haha
is there a chance he'll kill the babies once they hit puberty?

Hi Luiza,
I think you are the first rat person to contact me from Brazil! I'm happy to hear from you. There is no chance that Gregorio will kill the babies later. The biggest danger that an adult male might kill baby rats is when the babies are little. However, even Gregoria hasn't reached full adulthood, and sometimes at that point a male rat will become aggressive and will fight with other rats, and cause injuries. If that happens, you will need to separate that rat.

Good job finding homes for the other babies!  Do they all have cagemates? Because it is best for rats to live in groups.  How popular are rats as pets in Brazil?

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