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Hi, wondering if you could help me. I am away and have someone caring for my two female 20 month old rats. I was told one has a red swollen eye and head tilt. I have been reading up and may be infection. I have clavamox pills as well as prednisone from my dog who recently passed. wondering if I should have caretaker treat them with these. If yes what dosage and how. Please if you can help I do not want to lose her. I cannot make it home for another 9 days . Cannot drive ( medical ) to get to her.
Thank you for reading and any help.

Hi Deb,
I'm not too worried about the eye, but you definitely want to treat the head tilt right away. Yes, start her on the clavamox at 20 mg/lb twice a day, and the prednisone at 1 mg/lb twice a day.  If your caretaker has email, he or she can email me at for more details on mixing up the meds.

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