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QUESTION: I bought Katie and adele from our local pet shop that was cliosing. As of today they are a year and a half old. Very active and playful. The only difference now is Katie that she is making very weird noises. Lots of "chattering" which I think is cute, the newest noise is very unusual. Almost sounds like a human baby softly babbling. I am very worried about her. I switched bedding and just only realized that it is pine. I am removing it and getting aspen tomorrow. But her appetite is good, no bloody leakage around her eyes or nose.she is playful. I just don't understand the noise. Adele does not appear to make the noises either.I love my ladies and worry a lot. I really hope you can help me figure this out.


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ANSWER: I'm so sorry for my delayed reply.  When you say "chattering", could the sounds possibly be more like clicking noises, or chirping, or monkey sounds?  These descriptions I mentioned are often used to describe a rat with a respiratory infection.  If these descriptions fit what your Katie sounds like, then she will need antibiotics or it will get worse and could turn to pneumonia.  Is she also sneezing, wheezing, or have labored breathing?

The pine in the bedding could definitely have been the cause of the flare up.  If you switched to aspen and the noises stop, then that certainly was it.  But if the noises continue, it could have caused and infection that wont go away simply by switching to aspen.

If you do not know of a good vet with experience treating rats, please reply with the city and state you live in and I can check my resources to help you find one.

Please write back and let me know how she is doing and also if you need additional help.

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QUESTION: I changed the bedding and washed the cage, she has stopped the clicking and chattering, however, now she seems to be reclusive, she stays in her house all day, except to come out to eat and drink. She will accept snacks and a gentle petting but only for a moment. I switched the bedding to the carefresh premium natural bedding. Thank you for responding.

She is not feeling good.  Have you tried putting her chest close to your ear and listening to her breathing?   Does it sound labored?  Is there any wheezing?

A good sign however is that she IS eating and drinking.  If she were extremely ill, she would not eat or drink.  If her reclusive behavior continues for more than a day or two, I would highly recommend taking her to see a good vet who has experience treating rats.  He will check her general health and listen to her lungs to make sure that, if she did indeed have a resp infection, it is gone.  An antibiotic may be in order if the vet determines that her breathing is labored.

Please let me know in a few days how she is doing and feel free to write again if you have any other questions.

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