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Hey there,
i've got a question about rats
i never had some but i like them quiet alot
i bought 2 rats first (females)
1 of them is "awesome" (called her "Flash") she wanna hang around me all the time,
she wants to see/discover everything,
but she is nervouse as f***
she runs and runs, she dont mind if i pet her but after 1/2 pettings, she runs away, 10 seconds later she's back on my knees and goes on forever and she gets more and more nervouse the more she's out of the cage
the second one (Banksy), is a pure sweety, if i feed her by hand she gently gently gently fearfull grabs the food (as the other one trys hard to take all out of my hand hides it and comes back), and then runs and hides in her house, while she eats it, she wants to contact with me but her fear is bigger than her trust
so i bought a 1 month old baby (female aswell/no name yet) too keep them company, ofcorse the little one is scary but not as much as Banksy is i think so, the little one dont mind that much if i scoob her out of the cage, banksy instead i rarely had in my hand, she mostly just hides in the cage
so Banksy kinda addopted the little one, while Flash really does not care at all
they are not aggressive and i let them met on a nutural place and they get along fine together
it's just now i want to know how i can get Flash calmer, why she is that nervous, and on how i get banksy to take off her fear,
i didnt got them as babys, i guess they're around 4-6 months old
Banksy is abit older than Flash i guess
hope you have all infos to give me some good advises i may not tried yet
best regards

Hi Djail,

First, know that female rats can be just nuts!! It is really normal for them to run around like crazy. Most boys grow out of the crazy stage within 6-12 months but girls can just stay nuts.

These links should help with taming Banksy, poor little scared thing. I am terribly sorry I took so long; I always happened to not have the computer and I can't copy-paste on my ipad.


JoinRats: Earning the Trust of Pet Rats

JoinRats: Earning the Trust of Pet Rats > Links

Letting Rats Use Their Teeth to Explore You

The Rat Fan Club: Trust Training

SITH Rattery: A Basic Guide to Socializing Rats by Positive Reinforcement

Gwen Lindsey's site: an extensive "earning trust" gallery.

I hope these help!

squeaks n giggles,


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