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A young rat has a bump where his whiskers are on the right side, it looks scabby (a bump that is scabby basically) and is growing day after day. i thought it was from play fighting with the other rats and would heal itself. it keeps getting worse...its been a few weeks. what can i do to heal him? what is it the bump?

The bump could be any of several things, from minor, such as an abscess, to more serious.  It would be helpful if you could forward a close-up and clear photo of the bump to me.  You can attach the photo file in a reply to me.

Without seeing a photo I can still provide you with some information.  If this bump is just below your rat's ear, there is a good chance it may be a Zymbals Gland tumor (ZGT).  This tumor will grow and grow, may open up and become scabby, then not close up properly and continue to ulcerate.  There is no cure for this tumor.  Here is an article which contains detailed information ZGT as well as graphic photos.

I hope that your rat does not have this serious condition, but should it be the case, you can only do supportive measures at home, including pain medication, and a comfortable environment.  To confirm a ZGT, your best bet would be to take him to an experienced exotic animal vet.  A photo might help me to confirm it however, and save you the expense of a vet visit.  Strong pain medication, such as Metacam (pain and anti-inflammatory), would likely need to be prescribed by a vet.

I look forward to hearing back from you, hopefully with a photo.

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