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I'm not sure how to go about breaking my new baby rats in and getting them used to being touched and held. I bought them from a pet store 2 days ago. They're boys and they seem to be very afraid of the new environment which is understandable. I have two little houses in their for them to sleep as of  right now and I have a very big cage with multiple levels. I used old t shirts as bedding for the houses in hopes that they would get used to my smell. I often put Cheerios right infront of the opening of the house very slowly so that they see my hand giving them the treets. both rats are very skittish and spend all their time hinding when I'm home. I don't want to rush them or anything but some people say to give them time and some ppl recommend handling them everyday so they get used to me and being handled. Please get back to me your help would by much appreciated.

Hi Cody,

All of the links at the bottom are relevant to you. Of course the ones you asked for are under Handling and Taming (Scared or Timid) Rodents. JoinRats is a terrific site for behavior. Yes it is overwhelming and too much!! These links are all from the document Common Issues in my Facebook rat and mouse group Rats are Awesome. I can't recommend more that you join. You will have the links available and can go more slowly, as well as other links for 95% of your questions. It is a nice community and we also solve your medical problems with vets and vet techs.

To find Common Issues and a whole bunch of other useful and fun documents and collections, click on 'files' under the banner; click on the banner on a phone.

I apologize deeply for my belated reply. Real life sometimes sets in :(

Squeaks n giggles,



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For unusual changes in behavior please go to the section Recognizing Health Issues and First Aid: for sudden aggression to humans or rats, or lethargy, please especially look under the link The Rat Guide: Signs of Pain; for strange behavior please read about pituitary tumors at the link Health Care- Pituitary Tumour - Failing the Cheerio Test

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Pet Rats

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