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Our, soon to be 8 year-old, son is interested in getting a pet rat. I want to get him a book to learn all about Rat Husbandry and was hoping for a recommendation. There are several out there and I want to make sure he is fully prepared.

Honestly, any book is suitable. However id recommend this site before any book because it's from a real breeder.
Any info you need will be here.

Rats are very easy keepers. If advise you buy from a breeder in your area because petshop rats often come with respritory infection that cost to be treated

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Emily Harris


I can Answer Questions from Training your pet rat,socializing , breeding ,whelping,birth defects, coat patters,genetic disorders, Pros and Cons of Rats,Male vs. Females, Behavior, Diet, General care, Housing, Bathing, Home remedy for the deadly respiratory infection,exercise,Toys,play time,free ranging, what can cause your rat to become sick(ex pine and cedar oils),Living Conditions, Sexing a rat, Intelligence, Breed standards and ways to improve the smell of your pet rat.


I currently have 4 rats, 2 females, 1 breeding male and my 5 year old male who has been retired. I have a degree in biology. I breed for feeders and pets. I have owned rats for 8 years and have bred for 6 years.


Biology degree

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