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Pet Rats/my rat has been attacked urgent advise needed


Hi Irene,
You helped me with some resolution a wile ago for my pet rat Mighty who passed away.

I have opened my heart again to a sweet placid girl called Queen P and recently shen i was away for work my boyfriend woke up to her all cut up in the morning. As it was hot overnight we left her cage doors open (her cage is not conevntional it is a huge reptile house with vents which we made intoa 2 story house - glass doors on the front. The dogs barked that night and we are certain she was attacked by a ferral mouse or rat during the night.
The next day my boyfriend bathed her and let her play with him for hours on the couch and she seemed fine, in good spirits etc.
The next day he woke to find her not moving, her wounds had seeped blood overnight (there is a large bad one near her shoulder and 2 small cuts, one near her ear and one down her lower body) so he rushed her to the vet who gave her an antibiotic injection and some antibiotics to give her orally once per day. At this stage she was still slightly active and interested in the sights and sounds at the vets. By the time i got home that night she was completely unmoving - her front leg is injured and if she moves she moves very slowly and limps.
The vet said there was no puss and the cuts were only blood which was a good sign.
Is she getting worse due to infection do you think?
or could she be bruised and battered from the fight which effected her much worse 24 hours later?
She is not eating but i noticed she got up during the night and grabbed a biscuit but only had a nibble.
I have given her water late last night and she licked it off my hand - a fair bit. But this morn i couldn't get her to drink any so far.
She cuddles into a nook and stays there - she barely even lifts her head.
I dont know if it will help to take her back to the vet? or if she is dieing...
It has now been 48 hours since the attack and almost 24 hours since she became very lethargic and obviously soar.
I am devastated.
The vet didnt offer much explanation as to why her behaviour would have deteriorated overnight (24 hours since the attack) so i can only assume she has an infection or is simply very very soar?
Should i rush her back to the vet today or just keep her comfortable?

help i dont want to lose her....


Please DO rush her back to the vet right away!!!  We can talk about the details later.  Is this a vet who has experience treating rats?  Perhaps he can take an xray to determine is she has internal damage/bleeding.  She needs to be kept warm and given fluids....hopefully they can do that at the vet office, since she doesn't seem to be drinking on her own.  She also should be given pain meds.  I am not sure she is dying.  When a rat stops eating, drinking and huddles in a corner, it means one of 2 things:  she is in terrible pain,  or she is dying.  If it's pain, then the vet can give meds for that as she heals her wounds.

I pray she recovers and is alright.  Please write me back soon with an update on your baby girl.

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