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I have 2 boys and 5 girl rats (in separate cages). I just have them as pets because I love rats, and I'm not planning on breeding them. We might once or twice for fun, but I'm not a breeder. I'm just wondering though, how old do they have to be to breed them? The girl I want to breed is probably five or six months older than the male. I've read a few things about males having to be different ages. One said eight months, one said a year and a half, and so on. How old do they have to be? Does the male have to be older? Is there a certin age the females can't breed anymore?
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Two litters gave me 25 pups. So be aware they can have a lot.
Two litters gave me 25  
6 weeks is the earliest you can breed both genders. Obviously that's not ideal but a good age is 3 months for both. 6 months is best for females, at this point they are full grown. Females can breed until the day they die. However it becomes difficult after the age of 1 1/2. They will have smaller litters as they age as well. Be aware that they have up to 15 babies average. So unless you plan on selling to a local store, you'll have to find homes for them.  

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I currently have 4 rats, 2 females, 1 breeding male and my 5 year old male who has been retired. I have a degree in biology. I breed for feeders and pets. I have owned rats for 8 years and have bred for 6 years.


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