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Pet Rats/2 New Male Rats introducing to orignal male rat.


Hi there, I have an adult male rat, Samson, and I recently bought two more male young rats, Romeo who is a bit bigger than the littlest, Zeus. I am trying to introduce them to each other. I had them cage by cage for three days and they weren't bothered so I did a neutral meeting in the bath and they weren't bothered by each other at all. I kept them seperated for another half day and then tried them out on my bed which is where Samson plays and sits with me, again they were absolutely fine a little hesitant but no squabbling. I decided to try them in the same cage and the littlest one Zeus wasn't bothered by either Samson or Romeo (Romeo and Zeus were together in one cage and already bonded as both young) and keeps out of their way. However Samson and Romeo have taken a dislike to each other once inside cages, Romeo squeaks whenever Samson comes near him and Sam didn't care initially but has taken to "hitting" Ro meo whilst Romeo squeaks a lot at him. It sounds really unnerving but I'm not sure if they're establishing alpha or they just really dont like each other or if Romeo is petrified of Romeo... I am going to reintroduce them on neutral and playing ground tomorrow and then thoroughly clean and reaarange the cage to see if this makes a difference but could you offer me any advice on helping them become friends? Would be much appreciated as Samson is in a cat cage at the moment as the bars are too far apart for the little ones (they escape) and I feel extremely bad for him and obviously want them to all get on and snuggle etc. :) Please help me!!!


The best place to find answers to any rat question is actually in my Facebook group Rats are Awesome. We have a lot of people specializing in different aspects of rat care, as well as an extensive library of links for all common topics.

Right now I have been neglecting it about as much as my allexperts questions, due to a family medical emergency, but at least there I have helpers.

If you are not on Facebook, the perfect site to go to for intro information is

I hope it has gone well.

I am truly sorry for the delay.



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