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hi, I have 2 rats and have kept rats for 10 years, my lily over night stopped being able to use her front paws to hold her food, she can still walk and run as normal but can not clean her self, I took her to vets and they said she may of bruised her spine and gave me painkillers, she has not improved over 5 days, mucus round her eyes and nose.... I have been feeding her baby food as she seems to not eat if she can not hold it , she and her sister were rescue rats and I have had them for 2 years .....she has some much life in her but I know she not right, vets ive been to just don't seem to understand how much she means to mean ..ill do and pay anything .... do you think it could be a stroke ???? thank you

Hi Sharifa,

This could be a stroke or pituitary tumor as well; there may be other possibilities too.

Are you on Facebook? I run a group Rats are Awesome and we have some really good people to help with medical issues; and there is more of a medical group you can join too.

Here is my group:

Join; friend me (Ratasha MouseRat); and pm me (or you may not get in).

Then you can wait till I add you, or join this group by yourself, too (again you are more likely to get in through me :) ):

And that is the very best place to ask medical questions.

Very sorry for the delay :( rat health issues and a death.



PS if you are not on Facebook, write back and describe it all as carefully as you can, and I can bring it to these people myself.  

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