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Hi. I have two girl rats that I adopted from a girl who couldn't keep them any longer since she was allergic. I was letting the two girls interact with my three boys with the intention of watching them closely. I was naive to think that my girls wouldn't get pregnant, because one did. As far as I know, she's had a litter before, because the other girl I have is supposedly her daughter. I've only had them for a few months and I don't know their history. Anyway, one of my boys was bleeding from his eye, and I didn't notice until I let them all off of my back and into their free-range area. So I rushed him to the vet and let the other four play, figuring they'd be fine. However, it's two weeks from that day (and my boy healed beautifully after scratching a tumor off himself) and Mama is no getting pretty round. I have four cages, (one houses a lone and unsociable rat) one has three really friendly boys to take in the youngsters, and the other has the girls with one being empty. I want to know what I should do to get Mama through the pregnancy and I want to know what I should do with her current one-year old daughter (she's never had pups before to my knowledge). I moved Mama and Baby to a glass aquarium for now so that when the babies arrive, they'll not get caught in any of the bars in the girls' main cage. I'm prepared to keep all of the babies but I'm also looking for loving homes in case it's a large litter.

Dear Raelynn,

Are you on Facebook? I would like to invite you into my group Rats are Awesome and set you up with a rat breeder who can answer all of your questions as they come along. This will be a lot easier than writing to me and waiting for my response as I confer with these same breeders.

**YOU HAVE TO FRIEND ME AND PM ME TO SAY WHO YOU ARE** because we are not letting people in very quickly right now. We have found the need to be careful lately. This is me:

When you find the group, do read the Welcome Post and Guidelines to see what we are and what we have to offer.


I am going to wait for your answer, and help you more here if you can't join there. In the meantime give her a little extra protein such as scrambled eggs or tofu; and it does seem like the daughter may have to live alone for a while, but I can't decide that nearly as well as a breeder.

Let me know here or find me there as soon as you can.


Squeaks n giggles,


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