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I just bought two new baby ratters from a pet store considered "fancy rats". Two males but there was a female in the cage who had one little bald spot on her head. I didn't see any mites or larvae so I took the two boys home. While socializing the new babies, one of them scratched me on the chest. The scratch healed but has left what looks to be ringworm. I have Metro cream from another skin issue I had awhile back. But what do I use on them? Last set of rats I had cost $90 to treat for Upper Resp and I would like to know if there is a way to Home treat these babies for ringworm. I'll of course take them to the vet if I need to, but if I can treat it at home, I would like to.
Thank you!

Dear Julia,

Ringworm is nothing to play with. It can be a mess. It can infect every creature in the home including humans. In short, if you suspect ringworm, you should act as fast as you can and grin and bear the expense :(.

It is crucial to have a good exotics or pocket pets vet for this because while most furry pets can get the same ringworm, they will differ in which treatments they can withstand. Rats are pretty delicate. This may involve an internal medicine for the rats. It has been a while since I Googled it ;).

I am glad you see the importance of taking rats to the vet. They are such incredibly delicate creatures. As a 40 year mouse veteran, I have been shocked! But are they worth it? Yes.

I am sure a good vet (and doctor- I don't know if the cream you have will help) will ensure that this doesn't become the nightmare it sometimes can be. And definitely let the pet store know. Some places will care. Another time you might want to try to find a good rattery or rescue (they often have babies) for your new ones.



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