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Hi I have a pet rat for the first time he is 2 months + old but he sneeze a lot and his nose is not running it is dry. I have only put the wood shavings in his litter box but he still sneeze a lot and now I have change the wood shavings to organic bedding material they make it from corn. We made him a hammock for his bed and he loves that he also have a cardboard hut that he plays in and soft blankies. We change his blankies every morning and been training him to go to his litter box which is working most of the time. Must I be worried because sometimes when he sneeze he makes little mouning sounds.
I hope you can help as I have grown so fond of this little "stinker" (his name by the way)
I have tried the pet shops and they not much help .
Thanks again for your help I have tons of questions but will start with this one as I think this is important.
Have a great day
Stinker and ronel

It sounds like your boy has a respiratory infection which needs to be treated with antibiotics.  The medicine recommended is Baytril.  You need to take him to a vet that has experience with rats.  If you need help finding one in your area, please reply back with the city you live in or the closest large city.  You can also take him to a regular vet but you would have to request the Baytril and they would have to weigh him and most likely have to look up (online) the proper dosage based on his weight.  You also must insist they give you a full 21 day dosage for this.  If they try to tell you 14 days is enough, tell them you insist on 21 days because if it's any shorter, he may have a relapse.

It is important this be treated very soon or it will worsen and may turn into pneumonia, which as you know is serious.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or if you'd like my help finding a good rat vet in your area.

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