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My rat is 17 month old male. He had sneezes when younger and had a course of baytril.  About 6 weeks ago he started sneezing again and I noticed a lump on his tummy. I took him to the vets and was given baytril to help both. His sneezes went away and lump got no bigger. 3 week after he had a stroke. I took him to the vets they said there was nothing they could do. To wait to see if he got better or worse. For nearly 2 weeks now he's been recovering. He's very sleepy and I feed him liquid foods and wash him down. My question is can I get anything to get him through vet said I could give him a steroid but it has side effects so I'm worried. How long does it take for recovery of this sort. Thank you.

I'm so sorry about your boy.  The symptom of lethargy is common with aftermath of a stroke and you are doing the right things by taking him to the vet and feeding liquids to keep him hydrated.  You will want to keep stress to a minimum for him by keeping him in a dark room and make sure it is quiet.  

The severity of the stroke will determine how well and how quickly he recovers and you will want to do all the right things for him to prevent another stroke, so I have attached a link to an article from the Rat Guide, a reputable source, which contains everything you need to know and do in this situation.  Look at the section on Nursing Care for all the things you can do to help him during recovery.

I am sending healing thoughts his way.  Would you mind sending me an update on how he is doing?  Please let me know if there is anything else I can answer.  Also, I am very sorry for my delayed response as I lost internet connectivity for several day.

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