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Hi there. Posted a while back about my rats back legs. He does have spinal/nerve damage of his bottom spine hence why his posture and his walking was a bit weird. Any how 2 nights ago ive noticed himself or brothers have bitten his toe (pic attached). The white bit appears to be bone. He does not seem phased at all and doing his day to day business as he cannot feel it. His brothers on baytril for uri so ive been using that for him too and bathing it in hibiscrub and applying a natural fast healing cream which is an animal cream. I will take him to vet but worried they will recommend him being put to sleep. But he is fine. Ive now seperated them but will have to wait after weekend for vets and will continue doing what im doing. Im just wondering what your outcome would be. Im hoping amputation of the toe. Hes acting his normal self. If his quality of life was poor then id get him put to sleep but hes healthy and lively enough for me.

Hi Lindsey,
It does look like the bone could be sticking out. However, I don't think it is really that serious. Rat injuries tend to heal well on their own, and rarely get infected. Just keep an eye on it and watch what it does. It's possible it could heal over the bone, or maybe the bone will eventually need to be cut off. Let's just see what happens. There might not be much feeling in the bone itself.

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