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Bella\'s Tumors
Bella's Tumors  

Bottom of the one tumor
Bottom of the one tumo  
Ok now I got pictures of Bella's tumors. I noticed today the bottom of one tumor is a blackish green, but it looks as if it hasn't bled any (she won't let me look at it, she squeaks in pain if I try to move the tumor). It is starting to smell and she is losing weight to the point of where right now I can feel her ribs. And when I try to pick her up she squeaks (in pain I'm guessing). Is it time I should consider putting her to sleep? I really don't want to but if she health is dwindling I don't want her to suffer.

P.S. as I'm typing this she's laying on my lap asleep:) One of the times she actually came out of the cage.

Oh my goodness, those ARE quite large...about the size of my Lulu's when I had her euthanized.  The difference is that Lulu's tumors were all right in the middle of her belly so they were heavy and dragged when she walked but their weight was evenly distributed.  But Bella's are on one side!!  That can't be comfortable as they weigh her down on that side, poor baby.  The second picture...that does not look good at all.  It appears as if it may be bleeding internally and you may have an emergency on your hands sooner than later.

She is losing weight, even though she appears to be eating normally or likely even MORE than before, because the tumors are robbing her body of all the nutrition from the food, so basically, her body is slowly starving.

I can only advise you, but the decision needs to be entirely yours.  From the way you describe her reaction to your touch, she is very likely in pain.  If you decide to wait a little longer, I strongly suggest you put her on some strong pain medication asap.  Metacam, for example, which I believe is a steroid (prescribed by a vet).  However, consider that if you wait, it can't be for too much longer, perhaps a week?  Two weeks?  And then you risk the event of an emergency rupture.  This would be a horrible thing to happen and would cause her pain, and you would not want to watch her bleed to death I am sure.  It would be traumatic for you and a painful memory to have to live with.

It's going to be hard on you to euthanize her whether you decide to do it tomorrow, or 2 weeks from now.  Put your feelings aside and do what is best for Bella.  The greatest gift you can give your baby when it is her time is a pain-free and peaceful passing.

Take a day or two to think about it, and in the meantime, spoil her silly.  Buy her a McDonald's cheeseburger, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, lots of yogis...whatever she loves most, and spend lots of snuggle time with her, if she is up to that.

I hope this is enough for you to be able to make the best decision for your Bella.  I am so sad for you, as I know personally how difficult and painful it is to go through this.  Please do let me know what happens and what you decide.  Hugs to both of you <3

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