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Hello, I have a pet rat named Sniffers , who is about 5 1/2 months old. I don't know what happened but he suddenly was limping and putting his back leg up and there is mild swelling. He can still.walk and use his leg , bc I watched him pull his injured leg up towards his head to scratch his ear. He did it very slowly and cautiously,but was still able to do it, just not as quickly as usual. So I'm thinking that his foot or leg isn't broke. It doesn't appear to look like bumblefoot either. I don't know if he may have sprained his leg or something? I do have an appointment with a vet this Friday. What I wanted to ask you is, he does seem to be in pain. So I just went and purchased infants motrin drops. The human infant dosage on the packaging says 50mg per 1.25ml, and the dose syringe it came with is labeled .625ml , then , 1.25ml, and at the top, 1.875ml . What would be the problem proper dose to give him?
He is probably weighing around 1 pound or so. Please help me if you can on this. I love this wonderful little being with heart and soul...I've even been crying over this and I'm a full grown adult... Sniffers is so gentle...and he just loves to give kisses and be around me...and this is just killing me inside to see him in pain. He is still eating and drinking...and I began giving him multivitamin drop for rats for about four days now just to aid him in any way I can.Please let me know how much meds to give him and if there's anything else I can do to help him. Thank You.

Your love and adoration for your little boy Sniffers doesn't surprise me.  Rats seems to have a way of capturing your heart in no time with their amazing affection and surprising personalities :)

If your boy did indeed fracture his leg then I can tell you with near certainty that there is nothing the vet will be able to do other than confirm it and prescribe pain meds and something for inflammation.  A broken limb on a rat will have to heal on its own, even if it heals in an awkward position.  That is not to say that you should not take him to your vet, just a heads up.

Rats are very stoic by nature and often don't show pain unless it is very bad.  You are doing the right thing by wanting to offer infant ibuprofen.  Here is the dosing for it based on weight (weight is in grams so you'll have to translate his weight into grams).  Be sure you get his weight correctly by buying a small kitchen scale if you don't have one that measures in grams in order to give the proper dosage.

Here is the dosing chart:
INFANT Ibuprofen -  50mg/125ml Concentration
Calculated Dosage at 20mg/kg<p> </p>Give with food to avoid Gastric Distress , can be given every 6, 8 or 12 hours..

This is a mid-range dose:
800 grams          0.4 ml
750 grams          0.37 ml
700 grams          0.35 ml
650 grams          0.32 ml
600 grams          0.3 ml
550 grams          0.27 ml
500 grams          0.25 ml
450 grams          0.22 ml
400 grams          0.2 ml
350 grams          0.17 ml
300 grams          0.15 ml
250 grams          0.12 ml
200 grams          0.1 ml

One thing to remember though, the symptom of pain is our body's way of telling us to not use the ailing region or limb.  Pain meds numb the pain.  You don't want your boy to use his injured leg so that it may heal and numbing pain may make him use his leg more than he should, which can impede or slow down healing.  So it is your call on giving the pain meds with this in mind.  More importantly is to get him on anti-imflamatory antibiotics which your vet will likely prescribe.

I hope your Sniffers heals quickly.  It's so hard to watch our little ones suffer.  I'm sending healing vibes his way.  I would love to hear an update after your vet visit if you don't mind.  And of course, I am here if you have anything else you need help with.

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