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Please help none of my vets know what's going on with my baby Crash. She's almost a year now and her mate Sparko has no symptom's.
She started of with a small red spot on the mid of her tail, it was there about a week then started to spread.
We went to the vets and he thought it might be a burn and gave her antibiotics, this did not work, he gave me ointment to put on her tail for two weeks. But the redness was now from mid tail to body end of tail.
My vet thought this was then self harm due to her biting it, but I've never seen her do that only cleaning it a lot.
A week and half ago he gave her a neck drop to eases itching, and two more lots of medication, which she hates.
Now her tail is not getting any better and it's swelling in places, she lets out painful squeaks when playing with her mate the last few nights.
I'm really worried as I don't like to her my babies in pain and my vet doesn't know any think.
Thank you.

Hi Carina,

Wow looked awful to me but when I asked my medical rat friends one told me she has seen something like that on a batch of rescues. That is very helpful.

1. First, are you sure this is the best exotics vet around? He sounds extremely nice and caring, don't get me wrong. And maybe with the advice I am about to give you, you are fine with him. However let me give you a link where you might find another one. There are 18 UK vets listed so maybe one is near you:

2.  it is recommended to have a biopsy done-- just a little skin scraping sent to a lab to be identified.

3. This is how my medical friend has successfully treated many tails which looked like this:

  a. the oral antibiotic metronidazole (second choice clindamycin)

  b. Several times a day soak in an antibacterial soap such as hibiscrub.

  c. After that, pat dry extremely carefully and coat with a wound wash similar to veterycin, which is extremely over priced (my UK vet friend was complaining!). So another brand is suggested :) :)


Are you on Facebook? It would be great to have you in on the conversation I have been having with these people. It is in a medical based rat group called Real Rat Lovers Want to Know.

Once you get in, look for your picture or try this link:

Best of luck!



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