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I was cleaning out my room yesterday night (the 25th) and under my bed I found my old stress eyeball that I got when I got lasik done.  I set it aside and didn't really pay attention to it until a few moments ago when I realized that one of my boys must have gotten to it and chewed some of it out.  I don't know which one and they are all acting normally, hopping around and running about when I let them out, and they seem to all be eating a drinking fine and it's probably been at least 24 hours since they ate any of it.  Would it have already passed through their system or could this still be a problem for their digestion?  If so, what signs should I look for?

Hi Marissa,
It is likely that they didn't actually eat it. Rats do a lot of chewing, but they don't always swallow what they chew on. If they did eat a piece, I don't know how long it would take to pass through their system. Keep a close eye on them for the next few days just in case there is a blockage. Then you would have to take them in for surgery. In my 30 years of being the Rat Lady, I only know of one case of a rat who ate foam and got a blockage, so hopefully they did not eat it!

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