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my dog and cookie
my dog and cookie  
Today I was playing with Cookie  and Freckles and noticed she had a lump, I looked and noticed her bottom left tooth was oozing puss and had a funny smell I dont know what to do about it and im concerned could you please help me.

Your rat and your dog are so adorable!  Poor Cookie.  She has an infection of some kind in her mouth or nearby it.  Foul odor is a sure sign of infection.  It may not necessarily be in her tooth or gum but somewhere in that vicinity.   Is her tooth loose or crooked?  Regardless, she needs antibiotics ASAP.

Can you take her to a vet?  She needs to be examined to determine if the lump is not something even more serious.  I recommend having the vet prescribe an antibiotic for the infection, such as amoxicillin, or another broad spectrum antibiotic.  Whatever antibiotic your vet puts her on, you should see some improvement within the first three days.  If you don't, change to a different antibiotic.  The vet can also give you a painkiller such as Metacam perhaps to ease her pain, as I imagine she must be hurting, poor girl.  Until you can get to a vet, you can purchase infant ibuprofen drops at your local pharmacy and give a tiny drop or two once or twice a day as needed.

I hope your little girl can be seen by a vet soon and recovers quickly.  Please write me again if you need any more help.

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