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Pet Rats/Ivermectin dosage--seems wrong??


Hi.  I recently took my pet male rat to the vet for some skin issues.  He has been very itchy for a while now and his fur is getting quite patchy on his back.  He is almost 1 1/2 and weighs 674 grams.  The vet examined him and also used tape on his skin a bunch of places to examine for mites/lice/etc.  The only thing was able to see were some small mites--I thought he said demon something but must have meant demodex mites??  He was not convinced that was the issue (might just be eczema) but said we would try to get him out of this itchy madness.  In any event, he prescribed oral ivermectin but I'm feeling like it might be off on dosage.  Everything I am ready calls for weekly dosing and he prescribed daily dosing.  My bottle says 'Give .04cc once daily by mouth for 4 weeks.'  Next to that it says Promectin Injectable/cc and he wrote .5%.  Does this seem right?  I don't want to overdose my rat and am concerned.  Please let me know if you have knowledge in this area.  I did check your web page but did not see anything on daily dosing.  Thank you in advance for your time--I really appreciate it.  ~Julie

Hi Julie,
Sorry I missed your question. I agree that giving ivermectin daily is not anything I have heard of before. I don't recommend ivermectin for mites anyway since many of them are immune to it. I now recommend moxidection which you can get yourself. See the article called Skin Problems on my website at

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