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Speckles belly
Speckles belly  
Concerned due to being a first time rattie grandma.  My baby is about 2mths old and pregnant.  I don't know what to expect and when.  She is pear shaped, and has gained weight, nesting but always has.  Her nipples are distinct but not too much, and I can see and feel the fetuses moving.  How long do you think, before labor?  She has lost her plug also.  Other concern is she has had a few seizures, should I be overly concerned about that and labor?

Hi Laura,
She looks older than 2 months, which is only 8 weeks. Her belly is pretty big. You don't know when she got pregnant?  She will probably give birth within the week.

You'll find an article about rat reproduction on my website at that will give you info about pregnancy and delivery.

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